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Ongaku Society
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OngakuSociety Official Webpage

Welcome to the official LJ community of OngakuSociety, the premiere contemporary Japanese music community for Filipino fans, and organizers of the highly popular series of Ongaku events.

OngakuSociety was established in 2003 to unite and promote the spirit of camaraderie among Filipino Japanese music enthusiasts across all music genres. The organization also plays host to Ongaku events held twice yearly, where local bands influenced by popular Japanese music showcase their talent to loyal and appreciative fans of Japanese pop, rock, college punk, and anime music.

The organization also fosters music development by encouraging its mainstay bands to explore their talents beyond being mere cover acts, nurturing them to develop their own unique sound with a combination of Filipino, Japanese, and Western musical influences. Currently, several OngakuSociety bands boast of a line-up of original songs, songs that we feel embody the sound and vibe of the community.

We are OngakuSociety. Never let the music die down!

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